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PKA 416

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Woody is one of the main hosts of Painkiller Already. He has been present for almost every Painkiller Already episode.


Woody is the one of the three original hosts of Painkiller Already and still one of the four main hosts today. His youtube channel has the archive of nearly all PKA episodes and is streamed from him. When face cam was introduced to the show it started out as just being Woody shown on camera whith no way to show the others at the time. Woody has the second highest sub base of all the PKA member not including guests with over one million subscribers. Due to hosting PKA from his house Woody is a strong targer for Ddossers when streaming the show and due to this the podcast is not currently a live show. With the imense amount of internet traffic being directed to him through these attacks Woody has said through his youtube channel that SWAT teams have been sent to his house to investigate the internet traffic and he has said that he, "Likes" it when this happens. Woody is the main driver for Painkiller Already and is usually the one with the topics lined up to keep the show moving and preventing the viewers from becoming bored of Wingses "Truck talk". In episode 112 woody teamed up with some members of Op Tic and faced off against Jnasty, Wickedshrapnel and his team WickedElite on MW3. This was a best of three match with Woodys team winning CTF in the first round but losing the Domination game by a landslide. The final round was sabotage where Woody and the Op Tic guys won and therfore won the scrim.

Don't F#ck with Painkiller AlreadyEdit

During the first "Road to Black Ops 2" episode a viewer attempted to prank the show by pretending to have copies of the game to sell to the show when it was uncovered that the kid was badly faking and shouting to the stream that they got trolled Woody came back with saying that the kid got trolled. Woody then procceded to tweet the attention whore's phone number out, the tweet recieved five thousand retweets by the end of the show and over 9,000 over the course of the next week.

Woodys TitlesEdit

The Rape Master

The Unexceptional Gamer

The #1 Dancer on Youtube

Not as Racist as Lefty